Naturongo was started by experienced entrepreneurs, curious to test the efficacy of natural medicine. With the help of experienced herbalists, naturopaths, medical doctors, scientists and software experts, the company is developing a platform that will assist all practitioners who believe in natural and evidence based medicine.
The founders have worked together for many years and over those years have successfully bootstrapped long lasting and successful companies together. The combination of the founders deep expertise in hands-on high tech development, marketing knowledge, proven execution capabilities in taking a product from concept to market, and the ability to recruit people to a company that turns potential to reality is yet another factor in making Naturongo a promising candidate for success.

Yuval Aflalo

Co-Founder & CEO

As co-founder and CEO of Naturongo, Yuval came up with the vision to recruit the power of "crowd wisdom" and big data technologies, into the world of complementary & alternative medicine. In his vision, the lack in proven researches and studies in this area, can be filled by the practitioners and their patient themselves, with a little help from technology. The result will be a solution which will help to find the optimal and best treatment for every patient.

Prior to Naturongo, Yuval had over 25 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur and investor. he co-founded Cellebrite during the late nineties and grew the company into a worldwide leader in mobile content transfer services, he co-founded Hypermedia and held the CEO position, as well as Quasar Communications Systems. He also invested and held leadership positions at Bondigo and many more.

Yuval holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

Amnon David

Co-Founder & CTO

Amnon is a co-founder and is responsible for all products and product architecture in Naturongo. He holds the roadmap and feature definition for Naturongo’s full suite of products and services.

With over 25 years of experience in the High Tech industry, Amnon has hands-on technological as well as management and entrepreneurial experience with a wide range of disciplines and technologies.Before co-founding Naturongo, Amnon co-founded and created the technological infrastructure for a few startups (T.Saver, Paspar2) and was also a founding partner at Hypermedia where he managed the company after years of managing the R&D. Amnon held development & management roles in companies such as Aladdin Knowledge Systems (R&D Manager) and Vocaltec.

Amnon studied physics in the Hebrew university of Jerusalem and received a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science from Ben Gurion University, Israel.

Nir Nitzan

Co-Founder & VP R&D

Nir is a co-founder and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of engineering and technology innovation at Naturongo.

Prior to Naturongo, he co-founded Hypermedia in 2003 and was the head of the company’s research and development teams. Nir possesses over 20 years of experience in electrical and software engineering. Nir joined Quasar Communications Systems at its early stages and was a key factor in the development of Quasar Cellular Gateway line of products, as well as other tailor-made telecom solutions. He also co-founded Cellebrite Mobile Synchronization during the late nineties, handling development aspects of the initial revolutionary mobile phone content transfer line of products and leading hardware development for seven year.

Nir holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Tel-Aviv University, Israel.

Assaf Orlev

VP Business Development

As a huge fan of technology and the benefits it can bring to the human society, Assaf joined the Naturongo leadership team with the belief that extraordinary care can be achieved to every person everywhere. He is responsible for building the company’s brand, buzz, value and values, as well as going global.

Prior to Naturongo, Assaf was the head of product team in mce Media, a mobile advertising company, that brought the mobile advertising digital world into the physical retail market, by providing retailers with unique mobile advertising distribution & engagement platform. Assaf was also the focal point for all the company's clients and partners in Asia and has built strong relations with all the people in the chain, starting from the reps in the field and up to the C-level management.

Prior to that, he was a co-founder and a partner for over 5 years in "Kalifi, Orlev and co.", a law office specializing in Litigation, Labour law and Corporate law. He was the legal adviser for mce Systems Ltd. And Citicom Ltd., both firms specializing in solutions for the global telecom industry.

Assaf holds a LL.B from Tel-Aviv University and an MBA from IDC, Hertzliya, Israel.

Noa Oliel

Head of Marketing & Customer Relation

Being a Naturopath and a Lecturer for twenty years, Noa has shared Yuval's vision to combine technology and "wisdom of crowd" to help fill gaps in the research in the field of complementary & alternative medicine. She is responsible for overseeing all aspects of practitioner and patient services at Naturongo, as well as building the company's brand. Her personal goals are to help patients get the best treatment they can get, while at the same time creating for the practitioners advanced tools to help them manage their patients, easily receive feedback from them and maintain easy and quick contact with them

In addition to Naturongo, Noa owns a private clinic for complimentary medicine and is the head of the Naturopath Nutrition department at the Givat Washington Academic College. She is a known lecturer in the fields of Naturopathy, natural diet and healthy lifestyle at colleges, schools, and continuing education programs.

She is conducting and participating in research on nutrition, heart disease and healthy lifestyle and for over fifteen years has been promoting many healthcare programs for the Israeli Forum for Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases at Barzilai Medical Center, Ashkelon, Israel.

Noa has a BA in Social Sciences from Bar - Ilan University and N.D. from the Israeli College of Natural Health Sciences
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