A new kind of natural medicine platform.

Naturongo is a natural medicine and healthy lifestyle platform that brings practitioners, communities of patients and healthy lifestyle experimenters together.

Capitalizing on the technology of “big data” and crowd wisdom, we set out to build a database that will be anonymously populated from the results of treated patients and experimenters around the world.


There are huge gaps between research evidence and clinical practice - we can fix it!

For decades people have been aware of the gaps between research evidence and clinical practice as well as the consequences these gaps cause in terms of expensive, ineffective, or even harmful treatment decisions.

This is what we set out to change using the power of the wisdom of crowds, which has shown great promise in many fields and is based on the idea that more opinions and experiences are, on average, better than one.

We’re bringing genuine community of professionals (and their patients) in order to present accurate information with real evidence, so that one can confidently assess which treatment and product is best for them.


Listening to the requirements and suggestions of practitioners in the field, we have built a two-way practitioner – patient software platform that maximizes the benefit both sides get from the treatment.

Our mission is to build a highly purified crowdsourced platform for the alternative and complementary medicine sector, leveraging both clinical experience of professionals in the field, masked data of their patients and analysis results generated by platform users.

If you are a practitioner,
and would like to use the system free of charge

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