About Naturongo

Naturongo software was designed for complementary and alternative medicine practitioners, with the help and consultation of experienced naturopaths, herbalists and Chinese medicine thera
pists, and is the ultimate solution for easily recording and managing clients’ data as well as tracking and monitoring their treatment progress
With Naturongo you can quickly make the change from using a notebook and pen to an electronic notebook that is very simple to use.
Naturongo is secured, smart & simple and it is totally free!

Who can use the system?

  • ✅ Naturopaths
  • ✅ Naturopathic doctors
  • ✅ Herbalists
  • ✅ Chinese medicine practitioners
  • ✅ Natural medicine students on any of the above professions

How can you use the system?

  • ✅ Manage your clients' electronic health records, intake forms and reports in one place
  • ✅ Work with professional extended questionnaires, including detailed system review
  • ✅ Produce professional prescriptions and reports with a personal logo
  • ✅ Diagnose pathologies and symptoms, using the database built into the initial questionnaire.
  • ✅ Be assisted by a database of medicine and herbs (built-in to the questionnaire)
  • ✅ Build your own personal text repository for storing and saving menus and therapeutic recommendations, retrieve them with a single click from your database and with another click paste them into another client's file
  • ✅ Use our integrated mobile application for patients to send automatic reminders to your patients and get their feedback on a graph

Naturongo will help you become organized beyond what you thought was possible.

What's the cost?

Naturongo system is totally free to use!
Our aim and vision are to become a source of statistical information in the natural medicine sector.
We collect, anonymously, the information gathered in the system, derived from the clinical treatments of natural medicine practitioners and their patients, for statistic use in the future.
You can be assured that all personally identifiable information of your patients is encrypted with a password known only to you, and we are not exposed to any personal details of your clients. Thus, your clients personal identifiable information (such as name, email, phone number etc.) shall be remained confidential forever.

  • "From the moment the software was brought to my attention I have regained my precious time. I was searching for a solution for a long while. As a busy practitioner of naturopathy, it was important for me to find a software that would fulfill my requirements and to my delight I found it - A software that's available on my PC and my mobile phone so that I can always follow up and send whatever I need. It's an extensive software that gives the perfect solution to my patients index, and it's all available by followups and dates - what a joy! For returning patients, I also have all the history accessible, and all this with a customer service that is friendly, patient and open to suggestions for improvements! In addition, there's the new application [HealthPal] that enables me to keep in touch with both active and inactive clients, and enables me to send them suggestions to improve their life style and make our mutual journey more practical.A warm recommendation from me to anyone who is busy and pressed for time, and to those who like order as I do :)"
    Atalia Dalal
    N.D. Naturopath
  • "I've been using Naturongo for six months already and am very pleased. The features I like most about it are 1. The ability to see all the reports of treatments made - enables tracking and creates order 2. Integrative medicine in its true sense - database of medicines with information on each 3. Creating reports, recipes and prescriptions and sending them directly to the patients email and the pharmacy 4. Excellent technical support, a quick answer to every question 5. The software is continuously updated, renewed, and added with content. Very accessible and practicalSimple, professional, accessible and clearly improves the treatment process.
    Anais Azulai
    Naturopath and Clinical Herbalist MIHA CI.H R.Na
  • I've been using the management system for about a year now. It has organized my work -
    there's less paperwork, and all the patient information is stored in one place.
    I communicate with my patients and send them reminders simply and easily by using the system. The development team gave me training and support and when I brought up suggestion for features that I needed, the team listened and quickly implemented them. Definitely recommend!
    Ayelet Harel
    N.D. Naturopath and Clinical herbalist

Data storage & Security

1Where is the data stored?
Your data is stored on our servers, with your patients' PII (Personally Identifiable Information) encrypted with a password known only to you.At the end of a session with your patient (or at any other time in the future) you may print, save or email yourself a report containing the details you have entered during that session.
2Is my data safe?
Yes. Data is securely sent to our servers and stored on them. We use industry-standard data storage technologies and do our best to keep your data safe.Moreover, your patients' personally identifiable information is encrypted with a password known only to you, thus that password should be stored in a secure location and losing it should be avoided.
3What should I do if I forgot my password?
In the unfortunate event that you forget your password, you may click "Forgot Password" on the login page and follow the on-screen instructions (Having clicked on "Forgot Password" you will be requested to enter your email address, then a message with a password reset link will be emailed to you. Once clicking that link, you will be asked to enter a new password).Since your patients' identifiable information is stored encrypted on our servers using a password known only to you, our staff is not able to access your patients' personal details or recover your password.Therefore, before resetting your password please make sure you have no other option to recall or locate the original one.If resetting the password is done on a device recently used to log in to the system, or if you use such a device to log in soon after the password reset operation, a local backup of your patients' personal details stored on your device will be used to restore these details. In any other case restoring patients' personally identifiable information will not be possible.
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